The Choice Of Eye Shadow

The importance of your eyes should never be underestimated. Apart from the beauty, they are one of the important features to give away your mood and emotions. With the right eye makeup, you can make them shine or you can pull down their appearance with a few mistakes in applying some basic cosmetics.

A very good way to make them look great is to apply a nice color that suits well with your skin tone and also brings out their natural beauty some more by highlighting parts of it and bringing out features like the upper lash line.

The typical colors that suit for eye shadow is brown, purple, yellow and a blend of the two. It is amazing how a few colors can make such a huge difference in coloring the eyes.

There are many ways on how to use eye shadow but here is just one general way: [For more ways, please click here.]

It is not necessary that all of the eye should be covered with it. Although it might look weird on some models with big eyes, you may have some peripheral area that could use this too. A very popular way of using eye Shadow is to use it as liners under your lower lashes.

You could just apply it in the place you want to highlight. Pull it back and use your finger to blend it with your lashes if you have long lashes.

Some people really like using a brush for eye shadow but since most of us cannot do that, we can still use a mascara wand or our fingers with the help of some good eye shadow base such as ColourStay Eyeshadow Base from NYX Professional Makeup Company. You may prefer to set your makeup with NYX Translucent Powder or NYX HD Gel Powder but once you finish applying your eye shadow, let it dry completely before applying further cosmetics on top that will cover the shadow base.

After applying your eye shadow, you need to finish with powder, blush and/or bronzer. Choose one of the best eye shadows in shades that will suit you best and give you that natural look. Use a good brush, too. It is not necessary to pick the most expensive brushes but they should feel comfortable in the hands and give a nice result.

Makeup is an important part of any woman’s life; it has even helped pushed supermodels to superstardom. Be bold with the choice of eye shadow you use! Let all eyes be on you when you go out looking beautiful and confident!