Women’s Dressing Tips You Should Know


Women need the right dressing tips to help them look good. This is something you will have to realize since a woman’s body type is so different from that of a man’s, but it can be done. Here are some brief and simple guidelines on how to dress for your body type:


-Straight dresses for your legs, such as pencil skirts and straight pants. Wear more modest tops that do not show cleavage or excessively short hemlines.

-Wide-legged pants and skirts are a great option for petite women because they make the fullness of your legs more defined.


-Wear knee-length skirts and pants. You can even wear these with matching tops to create a classic look. Avoid tops that are sleeveless or very low cut that show off your bra straps; bring them under your arm or wear a cami underneath it.

-Spaghetti straps and halter tops are also great for mature women because they do not show as much too much skin. Opt for loose-fitting tops that will not flatten your chest.


-Mid-length skirts and pants with hems below the knee are a good choice for moderate women because they flatter your legs and look more maintained. They make you look younger, too! Avoid dresses with tight waists or necklines that show a lot of cleavage or bare shoulders.

-One way to make moderate women look slimmer is to wear tops that are loose-fitting and long-sleeved.

-If you’re concerned about your tummy, try wearing a shirt with a vertical pattern on the front and horizontal on the back instead of the other way around. The visual effect will be for your tummy to be slimmer.


Dressing for women is not rocket science; it’s just a matter of finding the clothes that suit your body type and style. With some simple tips and tricks, you can look both beautiful and stylish.