7 Women’s Shoes To Add To Your Collection

You can never have enough shoes, especially if you love the outdoors. Just a pair of shoes is not enough with all those parties and travels that you commit to going to. If you want to add a new pair of shoes to your collection, we’ve got you. Here are 7 durable and stylish women’s shoes that you’ll surely love.


1. Crochet Slide Sandals

These sandals are perfect indoors and outdoors. You can wear this with a skirt or shorts. It’s super breathable and comfortable to wear. These are flat sandals that feature crochet details on the straps. It’s cute and always on the go.


2. Ankle Boots

If you don’t have ankle boots yet in your collection, this is the perfect time to buy one. These ankle boots are chic and classy. It’s in the color black so it will not be difficult for you to match this. This also features 2.5 inches heels to make you look taller.


3. Tall Heeled Boots

Maybe you want to experiment with wearing shoes that you don’t usually wear. Try these tall-heeled boots. These boots feature a simple yet classy color. It’s in the color beige which is cool for the eyes.

4. Lace-Up Dad Sneaker

Sometimes we just want something comfortable to wear. This sneaker is your go-to shoe when you feel like going outside but keeping it simple. You can match this with any kind of bottom that you have in your closet.

5. Chunky Chelsea Boots

If you want to achieve a cool look, these should be the boots that you go for. This features a unique design. The closure, which is a zipper in gold color, is positioned in the front part for easy wearing and taking it off.


6. Scrunchie Heel Sandals

Want to look cute and feminine? These are your kind of shoes. These heels will look great on floral dresses. You can also pair this with a chic and classy black or white dress. It features 2.5 inches of heels to make you look taller.


7. Toe-Strap Heel

This heel is made ready for your nighttime parties. It features 3.5 inches heels which will make you look stunning. There is ankle support so it will sit perfectly under your feet. The fabric is vegan leather, so it’s also durable.